Taylor’s Fitness Club is a private full-service gym specializing in one-on-one personal training located in Oviedo, FL. Every client receives a customized high intensity resistance training routine using the most state of the art exercise equipment. With 30 years of research, H.I.R.T or “High Intensity Resistance Training” is proven to be the most efficient way to maximize your time and get optimal results. Taylor’s Fitness Club’s certified personal trainers in Oviedo, FL are dedicated to clients reaching their fitness goals. The H.I.R.T training method is ideal for boosting your immune system, increasing energy, losing fat and reducing stress. Let’s not forget that Oviedo’s premiere personal trainers will help you to build muscle in a private setting. Whether you are a seasoned athlete or a beginner, our Oviedo personal trainer’s mission is to elevate your health using quality exercises and innovative equipment.  If you want to change your health and enhance your life then Taylor’s Fitness Club in Oviedo, FL is the perfect place for you to work with your personal trainer.  Looking for a “personal trainer near me?” Don’t let your health pass you by! Call 407-365-1151 to schedule your one-on-one training session today!