Many people experience a lot of enthusiasm when they first embark on a fitness journey. It is important to preserve that gusto and stay motivated in order to achieve the best results as well as maintain them.  Unfortunately, staying motivated can be easier said than done. Oviedo’s premiere personal trainers at Taylor’s Fitness Club have a few recommendations on how to stay motivated!

Incorporate exercise into your daily activities.

Exercise has been shown to have many health benefits and regular physical activity is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Personal training is a great way to lose fat, increase energy, reduce stress and boost your immune system.  Taylor’s Fitness Club offers one-on-one personal training located in Oviedo, FL. Our training philosophy is based on 30 years of independent university studies. H.I.R.T or “High Intensity Resistance Training” challenges the muscular, skeletal and cardiovascular system (heart and lungs). By doing the H.I.R.T technique you will burn more calories, balance hormones and boost your immune system to fight against allergies, flu and colds. Studies showed that training the entire body with high intensity resistance training two to three times a week will improve overall health and wellness. 

Our Oviedo personal trainers will develop a personalized fitness training program that is proven to maximize your time and give you optimal results.

Keep your work-outs dynamic and fun.

Every client receives an individualized evaluation and customized H.I.R.T. training routine consisting of targeted exercises to challenge the entire body. Your Oviedo personal trainer will ensure that your routine is dynamic and fun to keep you motivated and give you lasting results.  At Taylor’s Fitness Club, we see fitness levels of all kinds. Our Oviedo, FL personal trainers are educated and experienced to provide exercise protocols to challenge even a seasoned athlete.

Don’t let your results be your only reward.

Whether you want to fit into a specific item of clothing, improve your over-all mood or increase your energy levels, regular exercise has a positive effect on a person’s physique and health. Our personal trainer’s number one goal is that you get the results you desire by following our guidelines. Even though exercise benefits you in itself, don’t let the results be your only reward. Rewards are individualized and can differ among many people. There are a lot of options when it comes to paying tribute to your fitness achievements. Some of our clients sign up for a 5K or plan a special dinner to stay on track. Whatever you decide to do, make it special and out of the ordinary. This will ensure it is a memorable moment that will keep you inspired to continue your fitness journey!

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