Some people feel that aerobics, yoga and Pilates are geared more towards women and weight training is more for men. Owner of Taylor’s Fitness Club, James Taylor states that “assumption is actually incorrect.” He elaborates that, “in fact, all people can benefit from resistance training.” Most people start losing up to a half a pound of muscle mass every year after the age of 25. The less muscle mass you have, the quicker you will lose it. This is why weight training is so important because it can help us regain lean muscle mass. The H.I.R.T training method is ideal for boosting your immune system, increasing energy, losing fat and reducing stress. H.I.R.T or “High Intensity Resistance Training” challenges the muscular, skeletal and cardiovascular system (heart and lungs). By doing the H.I.R.T technique you will burn more calories, balance hormones and boost your immune system to fight against allergies, flu and colds. This is because when the body is challenged, it activates the metabolism and immune system. The lymphatic system is then stimulated by the muscle contractions and begins to eliminate toxins more efficiently. This helps to regulate blood pressure and hormones. Properly balanced hormones may also prevent cancer and other conditions like diabetes and obesity. Taylor’s Fitness Club’s certified personal trainers in Oviedo, FL are dedicated to clients becoming healthier and happier versions of themselves. Taylor’s Fitness Club uses the H.I.R.T technique in addition to innovative exercise equipment to ensure that clients will reach their optimal fitness level. Take control of your health, call 407-365-1151 and schedule your private training session today!