Nutrition and exercise has been proven to aid the reduction of America’s leading killers: Heart Disease, Cancer,Stroke and Diabetes.

Exercise increases energy and productivity and reduces stress and tension.

Exercise and Nutrition controls body and weight and improves your appearance.

Exercise and Nutrition improves sense of well-being and improves self-confidence.

Regular physical activity is good for overall health. Physical activity decreases the risk for colon cancer, diabetes, and high blood pressure. It also helps to control weight, contributes to healthy bones, muscles and joints and helps to relieve the pain of arthritis.

*A pound of fat can store up to 3500 calories, but a pound of muscle burns 75 to 100 calories a day just by being there.

*Most of us start losing up to a half a pound of muscle mass every year after the age of 25. BUT, it’s not gone forever! Weight training can help us regain that lean muscle mass.

*Our muscles do not grow during exercise. The body strengthens the muscles while we rest. The benefits of strength training or resistance training are no longer in question. Research continues to demonstrate that strength training increases both muscle and bone strength and reduces the risk of osteoporosis. A safe strength-training program combined with cardiovascular and flexibility training will give you the benefits of a total fitness program.